Third parties liability insurance

«Good neighbor» program

«Good neighbor» program provides the third parties liability insurance (i.e. neighbors) for the third party property damage, as a result of:

  • fire, electrical network failure, electric appliance inflammation;
  • household gas explosion;
  • sewerage system, water-supply, central heating accidents, resulting from the activity or inactivity of the Insuree or other persons, whom he voluntarily let into the Insurance carrier premises.

As a result of this insurance program Join Stock Company «Insurance Company «Dobrobut ta Zahist» will compensate expenses of the Insuree for the damage, done to property of the third parties – the Insuree next-door neighbors.

Thus, having bought the neighbor liability insurance policy in the Join Stock Company «Insurance Company «Dobrobut ta Zahist», the Insuree can leave his home for a time and be sure, that after he returned, he would not have any financial loss as a result of the unforeseen and dangerous situations.

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Third parties liability insurance