Leasing companies

According to Law of Ukraine on Leasing, leasing — is entrepreneurial activity, aimed at investing personal or engaged finances and consists in the exclusive use property transfer for a specified time period by lessor to the lessee, which is the property of lessor or takes possession of it on behalf of and under consent of lessee from the appropriate property seller, under the condition that the lessee shall pay periodic lease payments.
The lease agreement object can be non-consumer thing, determined by individual peculiarities and assigned to basic funds, according to current legislation.

Other than ordinary rent, lease can not extend to land plots and natural complexes, which are the basic component of all the property objects in general.
The lease subjects can be:

  • lessor – legal entity, who transfers the right on lease object possession and use to lessee;
  • lessee – natural or legal entity, who receives the right on lease object possession and use from lessor;
  • seller (distributor) - natural or legal entity, from whom the lessor takes possession of the thing, which, further. will be transferred to the lessee as the lease object;
  • Other natural or legal entities, who are the parties of multilateral lease agreement.

From the very moment of lease object transfer into possession of lessee the risk of occasional damage or occasional destruction of the lease object goes to lessee, if another variant is not indicated in the Agreement.
According to the lease agreement, the insurance expenses must be paid by the lessee, if another variant is not indicated in the Agreement.
Property can be insured according to the insurance agreement in favor of entity (the Insuree or the beneficiary party), who is legally interested in this property maintenance.

The insurance agreement object is property (equipment, machinery, automobiles, etc.), which is to be transferred to lease.
The insured amount according to the insurance agreement is set in amount of the property or transport value.
The insurance rate depends on the property type, which is to be leased. While transport insuring, the insurance rate depends on the transport value, driving experience of all persons, who have a right to drive, anti-theft alarm system availability/signaling.
This program has the following insurance conditions:

  • risks- fire, natural calamities, communication system accidents, third parties illegal actions;
  • term of insurance- up to 1 year;
  • insurance rate – from 0,2 %;
  • franchise (unconditional) – from 1 %;

While transport insuring (particularly special vehicles and automobiles):

  • risks- RTI, illicit possession of the insured transport, third parties illegal actions, natural calamity, fire, explosion.
  • term of insurance- up to 1 year;
  • Insurance rate – from 2,3% (for special vehicles) and from 5,78% (for automobiles).

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Leasing companies