Automobile Dealership

The Join Stock Company «Insurance Company «Dobrobut ta Zahist» provides beneficial cooperation conditions for Automobile Dealerships.

Spectrum broadening of products, offered to the client.

The company has several Casco types:

1) «PROF» for professional and careful drivers. If the client is a professional driver and feels confident on the way, this program is for him. It’s a first loss cover. The insurance agreement terminates after the insurance compensation being paid. The insurance rate according to this program is 3,6% of the amount insured.

2) «CLASSIC» – insurance program with standard insurance terms. The insurance rate according to this program is 5,2% of the amount insured.

3) «50/50» - signing the agreement the Insuree pays 50% of insurance payment. In case of the event, which has peculiarities of the insurance event, and under the condition that the insuree informed the insurance carrier about the event and the insurance carrier recognized the event to be insured, the Insuree obliges to perform additional payment to the insurance payment in amount of 50%. If there are no insured events during the insurance agreement operation, the Insuree gets the automobile insurance security at half-price. The insurance rate according to this program is 3,38% of the amount insured.

4) «ELIT» –  maximum insurance wrap insurance program. Under the insurance wrap fall even the losses, resulted by the traffic rules main demands violation by driver. In case of glass damage (windscreen, sidelight, rear window, headlights, flashlights, mirrors, etc.), insurance compensation can be paid without the appropriate competent authorities certificate, during the Agreement operation. The extent of losses contains combustible and lubrication materials, cooling fluid, conditioner power fluid, etc., that must be compensated. The insurance rate according to this program is 7,75% of the amount insured.

Join Stock Company «Insurance Company «Dobrobut ta Zahist» offers the Automobile Dealerships Auto Loan sales to encourage potential clients to buy automobiles. Our company has some experience in partnership program development and is able to implement them, because the company service advantages are:

  • competitive Casco rates;
  • timely payments;
  • effective and qualified consultations from the insurance company specialists;
  • twenty-four-hour assistance;
  • possibility to keep automobile at night at any place;
  • the insurance agreement extends to all drivers of the automobile on legal grounds;
  • the possibility to pay the insurance payment in four parts;
  • bonuses and discount offers for the automobile group insurance.

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Automobile Dealership