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Insurance event  (Insured Loss) is the event provided by Contract of Insurance or by any law provisions, which had happened and the fact of which will arise the insurer’s liability to pay the insurance amount (insurance indemnification) to insurant, insured person or to other person.

In the case of the insurance event, call up immediately +38(044) 494-31-31, and our service official shall consult you as for your further actions.

Your first actions after traffic accident

  • Switch on the alarm signaling and place the panic stop sign;
  • Call up the traffic police officials to the accident place;
  • Switch on the alarm signaling and place the panic stop sign;
  • Call up the traffic police officials to the accident place;
  • Do not change the vehicles’ position on the road until the  traffic police officials’ arrival;
  • Take all available emergency measures necessary for the victims;
  • If a camera is available, make some photos of the accident place, reciprocal position of the vehicles and damage caused to the accident participants’ vehicles.
  • Record the information of the accident witnesses and other participants (vehicles make and registration number, drivers names, addresses, phones) and availability of any contracts of insurance;
  • Take all possible measures to minimize the loss amount;
  • Promptly (after 24 hours at the latest) call up to the insurance company +38(044)496-52-51 and inform about the accident; and after that submit a written statement to the Insurer of this insurance event during 3 business days at the latest.

The statement of insurance event may be submitted:

  • via e-mail:;
  • via fax +38(044)581-55-81, +38(044) 581-68-44;
  • via mail (cable) to: 1, Funze St., Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Personally or through you agent to the Conpany’s headquarters: 1, Funze St., Kyiv, the 2nd floor (Loss Settlement Department)

Documents required for decision on the insurance indemnification under the contracts of vehicles voluntary insurance:

  • Statement of Insurant of Insurance Event;
  • Contract of Insurance in original (copy)

Copies of the documents:

  • Driving license
  • Certificate of vehicle registration
  • Speeding ticket
  • Local passport of Insurant (in the case of individual)
  • Insurant’s Individual Taxpayer Number (in the case of individual)
  • Certificate of State Registration (in the case of legal entity);
  • Waybill (in the case of legal entity);


  • Certificate of the accident registration issued by competent authorities;
  • Certificate of the accident reasons and circumstances, issued by Internal Affairs bodies or by other competent authorities;
  • Standard certificate of the accident circumstances;
  • In the case of the criminal proceedings – a copy of Enactment of commencement of prosecution or Enactment of refusal to initiate criminal proceedings (as the case may be)
  • Certificate issued by the competent fire, meteorology or seismic service;
  • Evidences of physical damage, as provided by Contract of insurance;

Other documents required for confirmation of the insurance event reasons and circumstances, the extent of losses and legitimacy of the claims submitted against the Insurant’s written demand

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To Receive Benefit