Third parties liability insurance

Third parties liability optional insurance agreement object is the Insuree property interests, which comply with legislation and deal with the Insuree’s compensation of damage, done to the natural or legal entity or their property, as well as damage, done to natural resources.
Insurance risks:

  • non-fulfillment or inappropriate fulfillment of the Insuree’s obligations (as a result of error or neglect) in front of third parties or furnishing of not unreliable, inadequate insufficient information on goods, work, services.
  • events, related to the caused property damage, which is in the Insuree’s possession, use and disposition, repair and preservation;
  • events, related to the operation of works and service provision according to the signed by the Insuree agreement;
  • Events, which lead, according to the current legislation, to the Insuree’s obligation to compensate damages or expenses of the third parties, natural resources damage.

Insurance event- is an event, occurring as a result of one or more aforementioned risks, and is expressed by:

  • third persons property claims;
  • voluntary confession by the Insuree its obligation to compensate losses or expenses of third persons;
  • Validity of the court decision, according to which the Insuree obliges to compensate losses of the third parties.

Annual insurance rate for this insurance type is 0,3 % - 0,8 %.

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Third parties liability insurance