Personal insurance

Industrial injuries on enterprises take one of the first places among the reasons, which cause disability or death of the employee. Having insured your employees against accident, You will protect yourself from additional expenses and support him in time of need, help his family.
Insurance variants:

  • 24-hour protection against accident- during the period of the Insured person discharging (official) working responsibility functions and in everyday life;
  • accident protection during discharging (official) working responsibility functions by employees, particularly on the way to the working place or returning from work in the official transport;
  • Accident protection of the employee, who does not use official transport on the way to the working place or returning from work during discharging (official) working responsibility functions;

During the agreement signature you can choose any insurance variant:
Insurance risks:

  • injury, resulting from accident, accidental acute intoxication;
  • assessment of the insured person I, II, III disability groups due to the injury, as a result of accident, accidental acute intoxication, which happened during the insurance agreement operation over a period of a year since it happened;
  • The Insured person death from injury, resulting from accident, accidental acute intoxication, accidental foreign body penetration to the airways, sinking, anaphylactic shock, body frigorism.

You can choose one risk, as well as a combination of risks with each insurance variant.
Insurance cost depends on:

  • insurance risks package;
  • quantity of insured persons;
  • average age of the insured persons;
  • Insurance security provision as to the agreement (round the clock or at working hours).

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Personal insurance