Cargo insurance

All transport operations, dealing with cargo transfer are intimately connected with financial losses, such as: damage, destruction or loss of cargo, as a result of different circumstances.

Freight traffic insurance is actual for every business, dealing with tangible assets transportation. No matter how perfect logistics is, how seriously the cargo is protected, accidental circumstances can always happen. That’s why in the world there is effectively functioning cargo protection mechanism – its insurance.

Cargo insurance is very often the obligatory condition of the international and national agreements during transportation.
The owner has no possibility to control cargo protection during transportation.

In cargo transportation several carriers can participate with different transport type utilization.
During transportation the cargo can itinerate several foreign countries.

The carrier liability according to the legislation is limited, and will not let to compensate the owner the full cost of the precious cargo.
According to the insurance agreement, enterprise property interests, dealing with different cargos, particularly liquid, friable and loose, during its transportation, particularly HDLG, and/or conservation (temporary conservation, craft shipment accumulation at port, exposition etc.).
According to the insurance agreement the cargo of the enterprise can be insured against damage and/or loss as a result of any possible events, which are possible and accidental.

The insurance is drawn up as a one-time insurance agreement for each transportation, as well as general insurance agreement, depending on the mode of transfer. General insurance agreement is the agreement of certain cargos insurance under certain conditions and extends to all such transportations, applied for by the Insuree.

This insurance type basic tariff rates are from 0,3% to 1,5% from the insurance amount.
To count the rate size for each transportation (agreement) the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • cargo classification;
  • The chosen insurance coverage;
  • Transportation conditions;
  • Applied cargo size;
  • The Insuree’s statistics loss;
  • Insurance of Your cargo is not a luxury, but a clever way to solve possible problems.

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Cargo insurance